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140722_114118_1.jpg140723_82940_0.jpg Student earns $7,000 scholarship . . .
Congratulations to Carson Tucker, a grade 12 student from Pleasant Valley Secondary in Armstrong, who has earned the Association of School Transportation Services of BC (ASTSBC) scholarship.
This $7,000 award is to go toward a four year heavy duty/commercial transport mechanic training.
Carson, who graduated in June from Pleasant Valley Secondary School, is still actually attending school. As part of his coursework he chose to do a dual-credit program with Thompson Rivers University and is currently taking the heavy duty mechanic foundation course, which runs from February through to September, 2014.
North Okanagan-Shuswap School District Career Co-ordinator Mark Marino is extremely happy for Carson, saying he is well deserving of this exclusive award. “He is a very deserving winner and I’m very excited for him. It’s a real honour to win this scholarship. I have no doubt Carson will have great success in the future on his chosen route to becoming a Red Seal heavy duty/commercial transport mechanic.”
In his application to the ASTSBC Carson writes that he has known since elementary school that he wanted to get into mechanics. “Even before that I would go with my dad to work logging with my grandpa, I loved operating machines and watching them work on them. But in high school is where I realized that I could actually do it. I took courses that would allow me to pursue this career, math, English and one of my favorite classes, automotive tech.”
“My auto teacher told me about the dual credit programs. I was going to take an automotive course I was interested in. But I asked my teachers if there was a heavy duty program. Originally there wasn’t one for my district, but they got me in. I love this course because there is so much variety in what you work on and where you can work. I think it’s awesome that our school has programs like Automotive, metal work, woodwork, art and dance. I know a lot of schools don’t have them. They really help students realize what they like and enjoy school. It also opens doors for trade students. The dual credit programs are awesome, and I am really thankful that we have them. There always have been opportunities for students in sciences etc. But now there are programs for the students in trades.”In his essay Carson writes that without heavy duty mechanics, he would never have been able to get to school from kindergarten to grade twelve, definitely not safely or efficiently.  “Most of my time in the public school system, I have taken the bus almost every day to get to school. I live twenty minutes from Armstrong, and my parents both work in a different area. Without the bus system I would never made it to school, get my education and skills to do what I am doing now, a heavy duty mechanic,” he stated.

City of Salmon Arm and School District reach agreement . . .
sign agreeemnt.jpg
(From left) Salmon Arm Corporate Officer Erin Jackson, Mayor Nancy Cooper, SD #83 Board Chair Bobbi Johnson and Secretary-Treasurer Sterling Olson finalize the agreement on the purchase of 5 acres of the former J.L. Jackson property.
The City of Salmon Arm and the North Okanagan-Shuswap School District have reached an historic agreement to ensure that another part of the former J.L. Jackson property will be preserved for pub140715_91744_0.pnglic use.
Salmon Arm Mayor Nancy Cooper and Board Chair Bobbi Johnson are pleased to announce that a creative purchase agreement for a portion of the former J.L. Jackson site has been worked out. They describe the deal, which includes the exchange of a combination of cash as well as installation of off-site services, as a benefit to youth and the entire community, as well as fair for both the City and the School District.
The City will be purchasing “Lot 3” (see attached) which is approximately 2.05 ha (just over 5 acres) for $1.5 Million.  The agreement reached will see the City pay some of the property’s value in cash ($500,000) and the rest in services to upgrade the remainder of the former J.L. Jackson property frontage to the City Centre standard, which is almost a $1million investment in downtown revitalization.
The off-site servicing work will be completed on Lots 1, 2 and 4 (as shown on attachment and owned by the School District) and will include improvements such as sidewalks, street trees, lighting and utilities, etc. which will enhance this important area of the City Centre.
The City will also be committing to build a park/playground (as envisioned by the Official Community Plan) on a portion of the site.  The playground will be available for use by the School District’s early learners StrongStart program (to be housed in the replacement School District Administration and Education Support Centre) being constructed off Shuswap Street beside the Downtown Activity Centre.
Mayor Nancy Cooper says she sees the purchase as a good example of government agencies working together for the benefit of the general public and noted the purchase is also important for downtown revitalization.
“This purchase ensures that this strategic location will be secured and preserved for important civic uses.  After the School District construction is finished (part of Lot 3 will be used for construction staging) the property will be used for youth soccer (as it has been in the past) as well as park / green space. Higher level cultural and athletic uses are being contemplated for the future, perhaps including a Performing Arts Centre and Indoor Soccer/Athletic Facility with a running track”.  Cooper cautions, however, that “City capital and operating funds for such potential long term uses are not envisioned by Council”.
Board Chair Bobbi Johnson comments the Board is pleased that the City of Salmon Arm is purchasing the property. “It is wonderful that the much loved and used property will now be owned by the City and will continue to be available for youth and the broader community to use and enjoy. We are glad to be able to make this happen,” she adds.
Johnson said she is also pleased with the proposed playground, which will benefit any youth who would like to play there as well as those who are part of the School District’s early learning StrongStart program.
She notes the services being provided by the City will save the School District considerable funds, and will also help make the final/northern portion of the site (Lot 4) more marketable. The capital funds raised through the sale of Lot 3 to the City will help fund the Board’s local capital projects, including upgrades to two schools and the replacement Board office.
Johnson and Cooper both thanked their respective staff for their creative thinking that went into an agreement that meets the needs of both parties.

Letter to the Ministry of Education and BCTF . . .
The North Okanagan-Shuswap Board of Education has written a letter to the Ministry of Education and the BCTF expressing its concern about the lack of resolution to the labour dispute and the affect it is having on students. The entire letter can be read here.

Please keep in touch . . .
As this situation is changing daily we will do our best to keep you informed of any developments through the school district’s facebook page, the school district website (www.sd83.bc.ca), the media, and our automated phone system.
This is not the way we had hoped the school year would be ending. We regret the issues this ongoing provincial dispute may be causing your family and it is the sincere hope of the Board of Education that this dispute will soon be over.

Spots still open in late French Immersion
There are some spots still available for Late French Immersion (Grade 6). For further information please contact Silke Yardley at Shuswap Middle School.

2014-15 School Year Calendar
The school year calendar for 2014-15 was recently approved by the North Okanagan-Shuswap Board of Education. This calendar sets dates for such things as professional development days as well as vacations. To see the complete calendar please click here. It is also available in the Parents and Students section of our website. Click on District School Year Calendar.

Are you using Parent Connect?
Parent Connect is an on-line tool in the school district’s Central Information Management System (CIMS) that helps parents communicate with teachers and schools. Parents can review their child(ren)’s courses, marks and attendance and NEW THIS YEAR, parents can now “digitally sign” some district forms, including Personal Consent, Outside Media Consent, Verification, and Digital Citizenship. Please check it out!

Summer Office Hours. . .
The School District office, located at 220 Shuswap St. In Salmon Arm,  is open from 8 a.m. - noon and from 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday from June 30 to August 29. The office will be closed to the public from August 5-8. Regular office hours (8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday to Friday0 will resume on September 2. To contact the district office please call  (250) 832-2157.

Check us out on Facebook!
If you have educational questions or concerns please contact the School District office at 250 832 2157.

star.gifOur Mission is to engage all students in meaningful and relevant learning experiences that develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes, creativity and the pursuit of personal success.

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