About Us
20170119_110649_0.jpgOur School District
North Okanagan-Shuswap School District No. 83 is an area of 8,500 square kilometers located around the Shuswap Lake and North Okanagan. The school district encompasses the distinct communities of Malakwa, Sicamous, Grindrod, Enderby, Ashton Creek, Kingfisher, Armstrong, Spallumcheen, Falkland, Ranchero/Deep Creek, Silver Creek, Salmon Arm, Tappen, Sorrento, Celista, and Seymour Arm. The school district includes four First Nations bands. Comprehensive local education agreements and strong ties have been developed with the bands, which have resulted in both academic and cultural benefits. Because of the vast area the district has 16 community elementary schools, three middle schools and four secondary schools. We also have an educational outreach program.

Our Mission Statement
Our Mission is to engage all students in meaningful and relevant learning experiences that develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes, creativity and the pursuit of personal success.

Our Vision Statement
Our vision is for all students to develop social, personal, thinking, and communicating competencies in preparation for life. This includes but is not limited to:
• literacy and numeracy skills
• critical and creative thinking abilities
• responsibility for wellness of self and others
• effective career skills and habits
• the desire to participate in learning throughout life.

Core Values
1. For learning to occur, our relationships inside and outside the classroom need to be respectful and caring.
2. Joy, fun, satisfaction and celebration are essential to learning.
3. To nurture creativity and innovation is to motivate and encourage commitment to learning.
4. It is important to approach all issues and problems with a positive attitude focused on finding solutions collaboratively.
5. Students and their learning are our prime focus.
6. We need to build on the diversity and strengths of students, staff, and families.
7. The pursuit of both excellence and participation are worthy of our attention and support.

Our Engaging Story: School and District Student Achievement Planning
On July 1, 2015 what was known as the Accountability Framework underwent significant changes as Achievement Contracts, Superintendent’s Reports on Student Achievement, District Literacy Plans, and School Planning Councils are no longer mandated by the Ministry of Education. The Framework for Enhancing Student Learning replaces the former Accountability Framework.
Each district is being asked to submit a school and district planning process by the end of March 2016 with the following elements (a more complete description can be found on the provincial website):
• A system-wide focus on intellectual, human, and social, and career development.
• Meaningful and effective planning for continuous improvement.
• Effective communication of evidence, reported at least annually, by districts and the province.
• System-wide capacity building through team-based supports focused on continuous improvement.
• Linkages with existing local agreements (e.g., Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreements) to ensure consistent and meaningful support of Aboriginal students.
Click on these links for our 2016-17 District Student Achievement Plan and a supporting power point presentation.