Accessing the School District Wi-Fi

Over the next several years the school district will be phasing in wireless (wi-fi) technology in the schools. In 2012, wi-fi is being implemented in selected locations in secondary and middle schools (library, learning resource centre, school office and up to six other locations by teacher application). In the second phase wi-fi will be implemented in selected locations in elementary schools (Spring 2013) and the third phase will be full implemented in all buildings as funding and time allow.

In keeping with the directions being set by the Ministry of Education, the district supports the use of information technology for educational purposes and believes that, if used effectively, it is a means to improve student learning. Therefore,  wi-fi will be available for students to access. Prior to gaining access to the wireless network,  both a parent and the student will be required to agree to the School District #83 Digital Citizenship policy, which ensures all users are aware of their responsibilities for acceptable use of district networks and gives guidelines for the use of electronic personal devices connecting to the district network.

This process will be done on-line through the district’s website (via Parent Connect and Student Connect). This will need to be completed on an annual basis.

More detailed information about the district’s plans (including the belief statement, district policy, implementation process, educational applications, approval process and safety) are outlined in the links to the left.

Still have questions? Please contact your child’s school principal and she/he will be happy to help.