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Mrs. Bird's Novel Linear En 9 2012 Archive En 9 2012 Archive
Mrs. Bird's Novel
Linear En 9 2012 Archive
En 9 2012 Archive

Welcome to Mrs Bird's
(& ACADEMIC classes at bottom)
Shawn L. Bird
BA (English), PBacDip (Secondary Reading-Writing), M.Ed (Curriculum)

With the SD83 change from First Class to Office 365, this webpage will no longer be updated after March 17.  Please go to instead.

Work Experience!  
If you have a job lined up, complete the MOODLE at  Choose "Getting Started" to make your Moodle account.

 MOODLE HANDOUT.docx   NOTE: You paperwork must all be in order before you can start counting your employment hours for credit.

Cool Youtube video about the 2014 ERS Maker Day!

If you are a teacher wondering about INQUIRY PROJECTS, here's a package about the 5 week inquiry process of the Core: Happiness class: InquringMinds-HappinessInquiryProject.pdf
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This week's assignments and activities:
HUM 8:

Third term: (Work from March 1-17)
Independent Novel Study: INDEPENDENT NOVEL PROJECT.doc

Links to videos.  Cornell note-taking exercise.  3 columns (Headers, Notes, Hmm) 20 points or more
Additional Cornell notes from text book reading:
  • Do societies deserve their reputations (pp. 58-9)
  • What is the relationship between religion and civilization? (pp 63-4)
  • Christianity (pp 66-70)
Second term late work:
The Outsiders novel study unit:
Feb 20-24
Feb 13-17
The Outsiders ch 11-12 and 2 projects

Feb 6-10
  • The Outsiders ch. 6-10
Jan 30-Feb 3
  • The Outsiders: ch. 1-5
  • (Thurs) Current events: Viola Desmond handout

Feb 6-10
exploring shape:
  • landscaped using assorted shapes (seniors min 5, juniors min 3)
  • Escher exercise: geometric shapes morphing into organic shapes
  • Intro to banner project from District of Sicamous: theme "Live More With Spark" green, blue, yellow only.  (3 groups)
Jan 30-Feb 3
exploring line:
  • weekly skill LINES handout- seniors 5 line styles, juniors 3 line styles
  • blind contour drawings: hand, near object, portrait
Full text of Taming of the Shrew:

Jan 9-13:
  • Intro to Shakespeare notes (Quiz Wed)
  • Intro to Elizabethan theatre notes (Quiz Thur)
  • The Big Question for this unit: "Does Taming of the Shrew have a message appropriate to modern audiences?  Explain why or why not."  (In class essay Tues Jan 17)
  • In your text, read the left column summary notes so you understand what's happening.

Jan 2-6:
Did you hand in your Independent Novel project on Monday? GET IT IN!

PENMANSHIP: cursive alphabet for reference: penmanship-cursive alphabet.docx   interlined paper: Penmanship-Interlined paper.doc
Jan 9-13
Penmanship- paragraphs.  See handouts in file
Immigration quiz /10

Mini-myth assignment: Based on the reading The Great Musician (In Context p. 302) and Mrs. Bird's "Kharon Drops In"  Write a short-short story with a Greek God of your choice (or those mentioned in the readings, if you don't know others) set in modern times, here in Sicamous.  Mini-myth assignment.docx

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Previous assignments and activities:


Here's the schedule of what's due when:  1984 and Independent Novel units schedule.docx

Poetry assignment: TONE Poem- analysis & assignment- winter poem SUSPENDED.docx(One block: Hand in by the end of class).
Working on independent novel projects. En 12 - comparison 1984 INDEPENDENT NOVEL PROJECT.doc Aim to have questions all finished before Friday, Dec 16 so you don't have to worry about it over Xmas break.

Dec 5-9:
1984 is still relevant essay. En 12 1984- CBC Why 1984 is still relevant.docx This assignment is an INFORMAL essay.  3 paragraphs: Intro, one body paragraph, Conclusion.  Approx 250-300 pages. Include proper citations and work cited list. MLA format.  Remember to include PEE 3-5X. (Make your Point, provide an Example (quote from book or article), then Explain it)  DUE: Thursday a.m.  Class time Wed to type it up.
Notes on formal vs informal essaysINFORMAL vs Formal ESSAY notes.docx
Notes on TYPES OF POETRY and assignment: En 12 TYPES OF POETRY NOTES-MASTER.docx
Quiz on TYPES of POETRY coming up next week.

Absolute last day for 1984: Part 2 Wed.  For Part 3 Thurs. Once the projects have been returned, it's too late to hand it in.

Free Verse, Blank Verse or Sonnet notes and activity.  Quiz coming up Thurs Dec 1.

1984 reading schedule: (quiz on this day)
Pt 1 ch 1 Wed Oct 26, ch 2-3 Thurs Oct 27, ch 4-5 Fri Oct 28, ch 6-7 Mon Oct 31, ch 8 Tues Nov 1  PART ONE TEST: Wed Nov 2
List of your propaganda term(s) En 12- 1984- PROPAGANDA class list.docx   and chapter for Theme analysis En 12- 1984- Theme- class list.docxEN 12 1984 themes.doc

Oct 31-Nov 4
Mon- ch 6-7 quiz, ch 8 notes,
Tues- ch 8 quiz.  Part 2 assignment distributed
Wed- Part 1 Test: know characters, INGSOC words, ministries, geography of 1984 world, slogans, privacy, individuality, propaganda
Thurs/Fri- working on Part 2 assignment  (Due Wed Nov 9)  Kindle article: En 12 1984 Kindle debacle.docx

NOV 7-11
  • continue with Part 2, hand in Wed.
  • Begin Part 3, due next Wed.
  • New novel to choose for next week!  Make sure 1984 is finished!
NOV 14-18
  • continue w Part 3 chart
  • Propaganda summary
  • Your chapter theme analysis
  • EVERYTHING for 1984 is due Friday, Nov 18

Oct 24-28
  • Literary comparison essay due Wed Oct 26.
  • 1984 ch 1 quiz questions ready for Wed En 12 1984 quizzes.doc
  • ch 2-3 quiz Thurs, ch 4-5 quiz Fri   
  • notes chapters 1-7
Oct 17-21
Oct 10-14
Oct 3-7
Sept 26-30
  • look at marking criteria and evaluate sample essays
  • narrative essay  (typed and submitted using MLA format)  Prompt: "Experiences can influence behavior."
  • An Occurrence at Owl's Creek Bridge q #1, 5, 7, 10
  • Block out poetry
  • test prep for Lit terms review quiz
  • RW 6-7
  • SRR 8-10
Sept 19-23, 2016
Sept 6-9, 2016
  • Course outline signed En 12 COURSE OUTLINE ERS2016.doc
  • Read "Totem" by Thomas King. Respond to questions 3, 5, 7, 8 and 11
  • Silent Reading summary
  • Rapid Write (playground, silhouettes)

Jan 2-6
Penmanship- sentences and paragraphs.  See handouts in file.  Remember- you should be doing all your work in neat cursive writing now.

Partner story finished and handed in:Man vs Nature story assignment.docx
Current events questions: Immigration increases. (See handout in file)

SRR SRR46 Jan3.docxSRR 48 Jan 6.docxSRR 47- 3. A character from your novel has given you a useful gift from his/her world.  What is it?  How will you use it?

Dec 12-16
Penmanship V, W, W, Y, Z this week.  Remember- you should be doing all your work in neat cursive writing now.
Read "The Side Bet."  Answer questions: The Side Bet questions.docx
Notes on Conflict and Plot

Dec 5-9

penmanship Q-R-S-T-U
RW 15-16
Making graphs (using graph paper and tracing around a cup for a circle)  pp.  52-53 Create a bar graph (Apply it q #1) and a pie graph (Apply it q #2)  Graph paper here:
Note taking- pp. 49-55  How Did Charlemagne Gain Power?
Examining Charlemagne's civilization.  Use your notes (above) and the text to fill out the 8 features chart. Work with a partner. Civilization8featuresgraphic organizer0.docx

Nov 28-Dec 2

What is the Impact of a Fall of a Civilization notes (Read the article, each section of the handout is for one important summarizing point)WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF THE FALL OF A CIVILIZATION Pathways4.docx
Penmanship O, P, Q, R

Rapid Write- 4 minute timed write on a photo of 2 hockey teams facing off.  (looking for fluency and focus- quickly writing without overthinking and seeing what comes out). Count how many words you got (should be close to 100)

Current Events: "Controversy at Muskrat Falls" worksheet, questions plus paragraph indicating your support for one side of the issue, with reasons.  Highlight and number the article to indicate where you find the answer to each question.

SRR#39, RW#15 "Power" SRR39 Dec 1.docx
How did Charlemagne Gain Power pp. 49-51  Guided notes.  Include one main idea in each segment.  Use the right column for dates and offhand notes, questions, wonderings: HowDidCharlamagneGainPower-Pathways49-51.docx

Nov 21-25
Notetaking jigsaw Pathways pp 40-44 WHY DO EMPIRES RISE AND FALL 40-45GUIDED NOTES.docx
Thurs SSR 35 and Pathways questions p. 44 SRR 35 Pathwaysp44qs Nov 24.docx

Nov 14-18
Notetaking - Pathways pp29-36 Notetaking lesson Pathways 29-36.docx

NOV 7-11
  • hand in 500 word robot story. Make sure you've met all criteria! Robot story0.docx
  • Literary terms test Literary Terms 1.docx
  • Test on the 8 features of civilization.  Review your notes on Pathways pp x-xi.  Know definitions and examples for organized commerce, organized religion, central government, social structure, knowledge transfer, arts and culture, public works, technological innovation
  • Thursday is the marks cut off for first term.  Make sure to have handed in ALL YOUR WORK!
Oct 31-Nov 4
Oct 24-28
Oct 18-21
Oct 10-14
Oct 3-7
Sept 26-30
Sept19-23, 2016
Sept 6-9, 2016

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Nominee and winner lists here
Mrs Bird's favorite novel quotes
When I read I am always finding wonderful observations about life, or bits of great writing that I want to remember. I dog ear the corners of the pages until I get a chance to type down the phrases I like. Here are some for your enjoyment.
Novel quotes

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